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This watch was created by a single buyer and is the only one known to exist.  Penelope was the queen of Ithaca and was the daughter of Spartan king Icarius and naiad Periboea. Penelope is known for her fidelity to her husband Odysseus, despite the attention of more than a hundred suitors during his absence. In one source, Penelope's original name was Arnacia or Arnaea.  This watch pays tribute to the fidelity and faithfulness of a loving wife at all costs through Greek mythology. 

**Waltham 14k GOLD PENELOPE O Size Open Face Two-Tone with SLIDER 1899.  Extremely Rare.  Never listed in any price guide.  This is a custom CREATION of unknown origin.  Two-Tone with no sub. seconds, 7j signed "Penelope" in Gothic Black Script.  Original Slider neck bracelet with a centered PEARL.  Original Walnut WALTHAM presentation display case.  This presentation is overwhelming.  Clean, running and especially rare. THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE. DON'T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET, BITCOIN, BONDS. BUY HARD ASSETS, SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME. 

NOTE: We have been selling vintage watches on E-Bay since 1998 as watchco1973 with over 9800 vintage watch sales and 100% positive feedbacks. You can buy from us with confidence. 

OTHER NICE FEATURES: Free U.S. FEDEX Shipping.  $58 FEDEX overseas.  

Waltham 14k GOLD PENELOPE 3/0 Size Open Face Two-Tone with SLIDER 1899

SKU: 4078
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