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Rolex Submariner Series 18mm Steel Logo Buckle with the back Laser imprinted: ACIERINOX ROLEXSA SWISS. 18mm diameter inside measurement the arms.  Current production with Laser imprinted markings. Appears to not have been used or worn. Fits the current larger Rolex models which require the larger 18mm diameter Logo Buckle on the current heavier well built strap styles.  THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE. DON'T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET. BUY SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME.
NOTE: Please view our return policy for exchanges and returns.
We have been selling vintage watches on E-Bay since 1998 as watchco1974 with 5000 feed backs, 99.4% positive. You can buy from us with confidence.
OTHER NICE FEATURES: All images provided here are of the actual buckle.  We will ship USPS first class mail with tracking immediately upon receipt.

OLEX 18mm Steel Logo Buckle ACIERINOX ROLEXSA Laser Marked SWISS

  • Please return within three business days for any reason for a refund.

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