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Fredonia, New York   Circa: 1875-1881
The California Watch Company was idle for two years before it was purchased by brothers E. W. Howard and C.M. Howard.  They had been selling watches by mail for some time and started engraving the Howard Bros. name on them and using American-made watches.  Their chief supply came from Hampden Watch Co. Illinois w. CO U.S. WATCH Co. of Marion.  The brothers formed the Independent Watch Co. in 1880, but it was not a watch factory in the true sense.  They had other manufacturers engrave the Independent Watch col name on the top plates and on the dials of their watches.  Sold mostly by mail order.  The company later decided to manufacture watches and used the name Fredonia Watch Co., but they found that selling watches two different ways was not particularly good.  The business survived until 1881 at which time the ow3ners decided to move the plant to a new location at Peoria, Illinois.  Approximately 180,000 watches were made that sold for $16.00.

This example is a 18 size, full plate gilt, key wind and key set, 15 Jewels, marked: "Independent Watch Co. Fredonia, N.Y. No. 206,198".  White porcelain original dial marked "Independent Watch Co./FREDONIA/N.Y." with a single hairline.  Original double hinged back and bezel unmarked 3oz nickel silver open face key wind case.  This movement is clean running.  THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE. DON'T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET OR BONDS. BUY HARD ASSETS, SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME. 

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OTHER NICE FEATURES: Free U.S. Shipping.  $58 Fedex overseas. 


Independent Watch Co. Fredonia N.Y. No. 206,198 Original Key Wind Case

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