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EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL WRISTWATCH- BRITISH MILITARY- 101 ROYAL ENGINEER REGIMENT DATE/SOLID STATE QUARTZ. EOD- EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL. 40mm. This watch was produced especially for the British Royal Engineer Regiment EOD. This watch is a current issue for the British Royal Engineer Regiment. This watch features a special safety quality that allows close proximity to a bomb and/or bombing devise. This watch does not register any "signal" that will set off a bomb. Limited one time offering.  Note:  The special quartz movement this watch deploys does not put out a signal or pulse that would initiate explosive devices.  THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE. DON"T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET. BUY SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME.   
DIAL: Black non-reflective with Arabic figures and date window. This dial is clearly marked: "EOD/Royal Engineer Regiment" and "ANTI-MAGNETIC" in red under the center post.   
MOVEMENT: Hack Set (time stops when the crown is pulled out), Cal. 2115 Movement. 32,768 hz. Tuning fork type Quartz Crystal. Two-Pole stepping motor. Screw down water proof back with BOMB Bade designed by Queen mary during London Blitz. Dial shows subdued Black Cat motif (located just below the center post) that relates to the historical Lord mayor of London. Very accurate, reliable.   <br><br>  
CASE: 40mm brushed finish stainless steel with waterproof screw off back. Traditional design with hard rock Non-Glare Dome Crystal.  Back marked: "101 ROYAL ENGINEER REGIMENT EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE DISPOSAL".
ENGLISH MILITARY 3-LAYER LEATHER STRAP: 20mm three layered leather for strength in harsh conditions. Brush stainless steel buckle with the English military arrow hallmark.  
OTHER NICE FEATURES: Free U.S. Shipping.  $18.00 overseas.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal E.O.D. British Military 40 mm

SKU: Mil02
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