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BREITLING Rare Color illustrations and variations in this Brochure Chronograph Models Illustrated 1974. Produced in Germany.  Not a copy.  Original authentic Breitling Dealership Desk Top Brochure. Rare Chronographs illustrated.  6 inch by 8.5-inch fold out desk top color brochure. Chronographs for the mathematically inclined, business and pleasure, and Sport and Industry.  A 24 b6 18 inch frame is created with the use of two brochures!  DON'T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET. BUY SOMETHING PROVEN IN TIME. 

OTHER NICE FEATURES: Free U.S. Shipping!  $58.00 USPS overseas

BREITLING Rare Color illustrations variations in this Brochure 1974

SKU: B24
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