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1859 – 1873
Boston, Mass.
Commonly referred to as “The Mother of all American Watch Companies”, this manufacturer was a international pioneer in watch production and accuracy.  They were the first to gain independence from European watch providers in the New World.  But more than that, they sought to provide a more accurate watch at a affordable price to the American Citizen.  After beginning activity in Boston by the Boston Watch Co. 1853 – 1859, In January 1859, the Waltham Improvement Co. and the Appleton, Tracy & Co. merged to form the American Watch Company.  In 1860, as Lincoln was elected president and the country was in Civil War, the American Watch Co. was faced with serious problems.  The next year, business came to a standstill.  There seemed to be little hope of finding a market for watches, and bankruptcy again seemed close at hand.  At this point it was decided to cut expenditures to the lowest possible figure and keep the factory in operation.

American horology owes much to members of the Waltham Watch group such as Bacon, Church, Dennison, Fogg, Howard, Marsh, Webster, and Woerd, who contributed much to its development and success.  In early 1861, the name “J. Watson” appeared on model 1857 (first run: nos. 23,601 to 24,300 total production 1200).  The next model 1857 was the “R.E. Robbins” of which 2800 were made.  The William Ellery marked: Em Ellery, (model 1857) was then introduced with the first serial number of 46,201.  It was key wind and key set and has 7 to 15 jewels.
A size 10 women’s watch was made in July of 1861 with the first serial numbers of 44,201.  It was marked “Appleton, Tracy & Co gold balance, ky wind and key set, ¾ plate, 13 to 15 jewels.  Some were marked “P.S. Bartlett” and a 15 jewel was marked “Appleton, Tracy & Co.”  A special model, 10 size, serial numbers of 45,801 to 46,200, is extremely rare.  By 1957, 35,000,000 watches were produced, and the factories closed forever.

American Watch Co. Appleton Tracy & Co. Original ENGLISH 18k Case Circa: 1874.  Presentation: "Presented to T.T. O'Rilley by the Operatives of the Weave Room Lippit Mill March 13th 1880".  Full Plate Gilt, Key Wind and Key Set, 15j, "Appleton, Tracy Z& Co., Waltham, Mass", serial No. 748,060.  The white porcelain dial is mint and marked: AMERICAN WATCH Co. with very scarce black fancy original minute and hour hands.  The English case is fancy with this presentation on the dust cover, excellent condition and shuts tight.  Clean, running.  THIS IS A FINE COLLECTIBLE, DON'T INVEST IN BONDS or STOCKS.  BUY HARD ASSETS PROVEN IN TIME. 

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American Watch Co. Appleton Tracy & Co. Original ENGLISH 18k Case 1874

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